- What are the candles made off?

Our candles are made of paraffin mixed with natural oiles.

- Are all candles made by hand?

Yes, all candles are hand made by us

- Do you have any salespoints?

Yes we have a few salespoints in Belgium, all of these can be found on our instagram page.

- Are the candles availlable for Wholesale?

Yes, you can email us for the wholesale pricelist.

- Are the candles good quality?

Yes, all of our made from a very high quality paraffin brand.

- Can we create our own candle?

This is possible, this can only be done in large quantities, to design a candle we work together with an engineer, the cost to design one is high, so that is why it would not be intresting for low quantities for us and for you. It is always possible to send us your design and we can make an offer with the engineer. all cost of development are for the client.

- What if an order arrives broken?

Our costumer service is the most important thing! We will take contact with the postal office and figure out if this was our fault or theirs. If the damage is our fault we will send a new package of candles or you can ask for a refund. You will need to send us the pictures via DM or email.

- Is pick up still possible in Ghent?

Yes, if you want to do pick up, you need to send a DM and we will take the order from there.

- Are the dots the exact color of the candle?

No, the dots show you an indication, on our Instagram page you can see all off our candles and colors.